Sunday, March 3, 2013

My admiration for Jules Verne

It has been a long time I blogged. Good news is that, I can add oil painting as one more feather in my cap. This hobby made me to overlook blogging.

But for one good reason I want to record my experience at the 0th hour of the new day.The other day when I was watching the movie ,The Mysterious Island I was little bit fascinated. The next day when I watched Journey towards the Centre of the Earth, I was overwhelmed by the idea the director adapted. It's my bad habit (of course I am enthusiastic to get knowledge about the things I come across) to google as soon as I feel interesting and did the same on both the movies. Interestingly I came to know that both the movies are from the literary works of Jules Verne.

Though I was a book worm till my marriage (it's better to say became lazy than no time for reading), some how I was unlucky to miss this great author. When I came to know that Jules is an 18 th century author, the time period at which the technology was not developed as now,  when the literacy rate was poor ,when one part of the people does not know the where a bouts of the others and when the communication among the people from distant lands was only through paper mails, Jules tried to educate his era through his great science fictions about the earth, sea , moon and space. I could not stop my self in bowing to this great author after reading his works ESP The Twenty Thousand Leagues under The Sea and Journey To the Centre of the Earth.

I’ve become more familiar with his works and still believe that exploration is the essence of Verne’s novels. His stories pulled me into a world filled with infinite potential—be it in the clouds, on land or under the sea. 

I hope Disney will no sooner announce on the remake of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, more colourfully than the older version.  I would recommend these great works for all the ages to know about the place where we live and it's surroundings.

Google celebrated the Father of the Fiction's 183 rd birthday on 2011 through a doodle which enables anyone to navigate the Nautilus with the simple pull of a lever.