Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip to Ooty

After marriage it was our first trip to both of us. Though it was the second time for me to visit Ooty(first with my mom and bro) i was excited to go along with Sri.

Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam is located in Nilgiris meaning "Blue Mountains". It is a land of picturesque picnic spots and had been a popular summer and weekend getaway for the British during the colonial days.

We started from Coimbatore on saturday morning. Its 1 hr journey from Coimbatore.  We hired a cab from local travels. The ghat road was really steep and the vehicle had trouble going up. With each hair pin bend we were going up by about 100 feets. Around mid way we could feel the chilling breeze.Mid way there is a small village named coonoor which was shot in the movie Roja by Mani Ratnam and not in Kashmir as people thought and Chaiyya Chaiyya song was also shot there.

After reaching Ooty we booked room in LakeView resort .After freshing up we planned to go to Filmi Chakkar spot which covers the usual film shooting spots in and around Ooty.

Our next destination was Pykara waterfall. Now this was something funny. We were climbing down the steps in search of waterfall and we could see none! Then a localite told us that the place we were standing itself was the waterfall.Have a glance at this so called waterfall..

We then proceeded towards Ooty golf course / Ooty Gymkhana club. This is located in Wenlock Downs, another meadow, and a famous shooting spot. After taking some more pictures, in the evening we did loads and loads of shopping.. i bought a sweater, a pure sandal perfume,a gunny bag of spices for us , in laws and for mom, 6 flavors of tea powder(green tea, chocloate, masala, elachi,lemon, black tea) and number of medicinal oils like eucalyptus, Gaultheria(oil for body pains and joint pains), lemon grass oil,oil made for cloves for teeth cleaning. Its worth buying of them , all are too concentrated and relieves from pains immediately..Finally we boughht a box of home made choclotaes for my bro and sis..

Next day we went to Govt. run botanical garden and were there till evening. The garden is good for evening time pass and worth visiting.We were never exhausted even after climbing up and walking along such a long way thanks to the aromatic space around. That made us the vigor to move to the second highest peak of South India, the Dodda Betta.Telescope and other observatory facilities are available at every highest point in Ooty hills.Later we went to tea factory where a demo was given how the leaves are dried, powdered and tea powder is made.

Finally we started our return journey. We both were depressed all the way for leaving back the rejuvenating hill station and coming down to the scorching native. While whirling round once again down the greatness of Nature, we were turning back to the parting Lavender flowers, blooming waysides, immeasurable fathoms and incredible valleys. Amazement was the only expression on our faces then.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali with Sri's Grand Parents

5 months after our marriage Sri's grand parents are arriving here. So the first Dusshera and Diwali we celebrated with them. We thought of Sri's bro Ravi too joining us but he has to celebrate his Diwali in flight to US. As his tickets got confirmed on 16th midnight he has to fly.

Diwali or Dipavali , which translates into row of lamps . Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps (diyas) filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. I brought a number of lamps to lit on terrace. We brought new dresses to us and grand parents.

Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom of Ayodhya after defeating (the demon king) Ravana, the ruler of Lanka in the epic Ramayana. It also celebrates the slaying of the demon king Narakusara by Lord Krishna. Both signify the victory of good over evil. I remember my childhood days of celebrating Naraka Chaturdasi by blasting the edifice of Narakasura. We a group of children used to prepare an edifice of Narakusara from cardboards brought form nearby shops. We used to tie a cracker and thousandwala to the neck of edifice. One of us used to blast it and our celebration and playing crackers begin from that day till the 3rd day. 

On this happy occasion we wish u all and ur families a happy and safe Diwali.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

BlackThunder;a water theme park in Nilgiris

First time mom is visiting our home after marriage. Sri and I planned to take mom and bro to Black Thunder on this weekend.    

Black Thunder Water Theme Park is Asia's No:1 Water Theme Park, nestled in natural beauty with the green hills of the Nilgiris for a backdrop and the cooling shelter of trees.This entertainment hub features a series of thrilling water rides. Wave pool, surf hill, wild river ride, lazy river ride, family raft, cannon ball ride, speed slide, shot gun slide, kiddies pool, dashing boat and thunder rain are some among them. Boating facility is available.

My brother Yaswanth is fond of visiting such parks and he is excited to go there. He played a lot in the all water games along with Sri. Here are some snaps of our trip.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pelli Muchatlu

First of all I thank one and all who blessed us on this happiest moment.

on 10th April morning rituals started in my home and arrangements were going on to make me bridegroom. After nalugu and pellikuthuri snanam i performed the Gowri puja. Relatives were arriving and we started to Kalyana mandapam. The rituals of Vakka Sangyam and dinner were finished.

Pelli Peddalu

friends@my pelli

11th April .. the day came which we both were eager,tensed, happy and all types of feelings in mind. On muhartam time Sri tied the knot and now onwards i am the queen of his heart.

sweet mom

I once again thank my friends who shared this happiness along with us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pelli Pilupu

Its now my turn to invite for wedding. This is the most auspicious and happiest moment in my life. Please be there to share my happiness...

Our Wedding will be a fairy tale..
a dream without end

We'll be singing all day
as we set for fun
at our wedding in the sun!

We invite you to climb aboard our wedding cruise
on the yacht on APRIL 11th 2009
leaving port promptly at 7.45 AM

                                        Sri & Josh