Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pelli Muchatlu

First of all I thank one and all who blessed us on this happiest moment.

on 10th April morning rituals started in my home and arrangements were going on to make me bridegroom. After nalugu and pellikuthuri snanam i performed the Gowri puja. Relatives were arriving and we started to Kalyana mandapam. The rituals of Vakka Sangyam and dinner were finished.

Pelli Peddalu

friends@my pelli

11th April .. the day came which we both were eager,tensed, happy and all types of feelings in mind. On muhartam time Sri tied the knot and now onwards i am the queen of his heart.

sweet mom

I once again thank my friends who shared this happiness along with us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pelli Pilupu

Its now my turn to invite for wedding. This is the most auspicious and happiest moment in my life. Please be there to share my happiness...

Our Wedding will be a fairy tale..
a dream without end

We'll be singing all day
as we set for fun
at our wedding in the sun!

We invite you to climb aboard our wedding cruise
on the yacht on APRIL 11th 2009
leaving port promptly at 7.45 AM

                                        Sri & Josh