Saturday, October 30, 2010

Garam Garam Green Tea

Today one of my friend Sandhya visited my house and she came along with her father. I remember Sandhya saying that uncle is diabetic and he takes green tea daily twice. So thought of surprising them by giving Green Tea which i brought from Ooty. I prepared the tea and served it. But to my surprise,I can see uncles face changing colors. Finally i asked him whether the tea is okay. He said its too concentrated and even the color should be in light golden. My over action ended like this. Uncle suggested me how to prepare that.

Green tea  which originated from China has many benefits. Regular green tea drinkers have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer. Although there is no scientific evidence that plain green tea can produce weight loss, a green tea extract rich in ployphenols and caffeine has been shown to be useful for "obesity management", since it induces thermogenesis and stimulates fat oxidation. In a recent case-control study of the eating habits of 2,018 women, consumption of mushrooms and green tea was linked to a 90% lower occurrence of breast cancer.(Src: Wikipedia)

Don't expect green tea to taste like your regular tea. All the different kinds of green tea have different flavors, but they do have a taste in common. 

1.Boil spring water by using a kettle  (never use microwave please).2 Put some green tea in a teacup by using a dry and clean spoon or by pouring out the green tea less than one minute before the water start to boil. (Never use your fingers to touch the green tea ). Quantity of tea is about one small teaspoon. You add or reduce next time if you feel too strong or too light. After the water is boiling, turn the heating temperature off. Before turning off add 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Sugar is added as per our choice. The tea should resemble thick/light golden color.

Taking too much of green tea leads to insomnia as it has caffeine. So have a cup of garam green tea once a day for good health.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Husband's Day

I don't believe there's an official hallmark day as such, but today i am celebrating my husbands day. When i visited library on morning I saw a bunch of news papers reading by people and i did not get any one of them except one page :( To my surprise in the page i saw an article that today  is celebrated as husband's day. At the moment I can’t remember what made me think of this today in particular, other than I love and appreciate my husband.

This is my husband. He's cute, isn't he? He's a very nice guy. Not only my family members everyone who meets him likes him. He's pleasant almost all time. I could recollect how he surprised me when i was preparing for interviews. One day i slept late night and woke up very late. When i opened my eyes he was ready with my favourite breakfast and a cup of badam milk. So sweet of u my dear.

Thank you honey. I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me and for doing.

A lovely hibiscus sapling on this occasion