Friday, July 2, 2010

SriKanth's B'day-27 gifts

This is the second b'day of Srikanth after marriage. This time i want to surprise him by giving something special . Thinking thinking an idea flashed in my mind. He is going to complete 27 , so i am  thrilled to give 27 gifts. Getting gifts to a gal is far easy, but for a guy its quite difficult. So now the problem is what should i get for those 27 gifts.

Again I started sharpening my brain and at last I came up with an idea of giving relevant gift  for that appropriate year. I prepared a list and showed to my sis. She gave further suggestions. After a number of revisions I concluded the gift list and one fine Sunday my sis and me started in search of those gifts. Finally we were able to collect all the gifts. Now I am excited and very eager to give all those and to capture the happiness in his eyes in my mind. 

Its July 1st. But its raining cats and dogs in Hyderabad.There is no power from morning. Sri came from office. He was asking me from past  2 days that whether am i gifting anything? Again he asked and when i replied that how can i get you in such a weather! He got angry and he slept. I asked my sis to get a cake if possible as it is continuously raining and we have to be careful with manholes.

By night 9'0 clock some how my sis brought an yummy cake ,but till now power is not given. By 10.30 power is given and i am waiting eagerly to see the clock strucking 12. My mom and bro also were waiting to wish him. Finally when it was 12 i woke up Srikanth wished him and asked him to cut cake. You know what is he saying," let me change my dress and come".

After cake cutting i gave the loads of gifts to him and he was shocked to see that many. One by one i gave by narrating the significance of each. While giving i can see a layer of tears because of excitement and happiness.

Later he said Thanks to my sis for helping me in  getting such beautiful gifts. Morning we went to Baba temple and performed Archana on Sri's name. 
I wish you Sri all happiness and a bright future ahead.

For the list of 27 gifts, have a look at this link:


lakshmi said...

bale unde nee idea.. innovative and thoughtful gifts.. will try me too..

Joshri said...

thank u.. ilanti ideas tahemmem ani naa hostel friend ki chala cheppa.. naa knate ade ekkuva implement cehsindi..