Monday, October 25, 2010

Husband's Day

I don't believe there's an official hallmark day as such, but today i am celebrating my husbands day. When i visited library on morning I saw a bunch of news papers reading by people and i did not get any one of them except one page :( To my surprise in the page i saw an article that today  is celebrated as husband's day. At the moment I can’t remember what made me think of this today in particular, other than I love and appreciate my husband.

This is my husband. He's cute, isn't he? He's a very nice guy. Not only my family members everyone who meets him likes him. He's pleasant almost all time. I could recollect how he surprised me when i was preparing for interviews. One day i slept late night and woke up very late. When i opened my eyes he was ready with my favourite breakfast and a cup of badam milk. So sweet of u my dear.

Thank you honey. I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me and for doing.

A lovely hibiscus sapling on this occasion

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Raghu N said...

This is a very affectionate post, I appreciate it. A happy family makes everyone around them happy. You have my blessings and best wishes for a very happy and prosperous future.
And thank you for following my blog and for your valuable information and suggestions.