Sunday, November 28, 2010

visit to Gandi

By last Sunday we were almost recovered. As it was Karthika Pournami mom was  in a plan for Vana Bhojanalu with her colleagues. But as we were in home , she could not go. At the same time we got a call from my cousin who is mom's nephew for his baby boy's Naming ceremony. His wife's native is Vempally ,a village in kadapa district. So we started over there so that we can also cover Gandi a famous Anjaneya Swamy's temple.

Even though I lived in Kadapa for almost 20 years i had never been to neighboring places as i was always busy with my studies. So almost after 25 years I got a chance to visit the temple. First we reached Vemapally and attended the function. The boy was named as Tushar. Later we started to Gandi , its almost 10-15 minutes journey from there.

On the way we passed through Idupulapaya where our late CM YSR was buried .IIIT college was also located on the same way. 
Gandi is situated on the banks of Papgani river in serene atmosphere presenting a picturesque scene.. It is exactly the opposite side of the Tirumala hills. AP Govt is running Haritha restaurant here for people who come from distant places. The legend of how the temple of Lord Anjaneya had come to being here is very interesting.

During the Ramayana period Sri Vayudeva was on mediation here. Sri Rama had passed through this place while going southwards in search of Sri Sitadevi. While Sri Vayudeva wanted Sri Rama to stay here as his host, Sri Rama had told that he will accept his hospitality on his way back to Ayodhya from Lanka.

On hearing of Sri Rama's victory over Ravana in Lanka, Sri Vayudeva had prepared this place to welcome him and flung a wreath (festoon) of golden flowers across the ravine through which the conqueror should pass on his way northwards to Ayodhya.
At the earnest request of Sri Vayudeva, Sri Rama halted here with his troops. Sri Anjaneya had then gone northwards for informing Sri Bharatha about return of Sri Rama. Sri Rama thinking about Sri Anjaneya, before leaving this place had impressed the mark of figure of Sri Anjaneya with his arrow on a rock. Before he could complete the figure Sri Rama had left for Ayodhya. The figure of Lord Anjaneya is complete in all respect except the little finger of lord's left hand. The figure of Sri Anjaneya drawn in a thin line by Sri Rama was sculptured by Sri Vyasaraja.He tried to complete the figure by sculpting the left over finger but the little finger broke and blood started oozing. He understood the true intention of Lord Rama and left the figure incomplete. Even now we can see the left over finger.

The golden flowers arranged in the thoranam form by Sri Vayudeva for welcoming Sri Rama could be visible between the two hills for those who had faith on the Lord.It is in record that Sir Thomas Manro the District Collector of Cuddapah was one of the blessed to have seen the golden festoon (Bangaru thoranam) during his last visit to "Gandi". It has been recorded in the Madras District Gazetter Cuddaph District Vol I - Chapter I - Page 3 & Chapter XV - Page 217 dated 01.10.1914. We can see Manro's picture in the temple.

I could not paste the photos as i forgot my cam in the house.But we enjoyed a very nice week end in Kadapa.


My attempt at The Julie/Julia project said...

Oh oh.... how are u now? Are u guys feeling better? get well soon :)

josh said...

hmm .. ippudu bagunde.. almost 2 weeks aipoindi kada..Thank you.