Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diya Painting 2012

I wish all my felow bloggers and readers a very happy ,safe and prosperous DIWALI. This year too I painted the plain earthern Diyas to be more attractive.

Though Diwali brinhs lots of smiles , joy and happiness in ones family, it is the Diyas which color the festival.The reason for this is that the lighting of a diya is regarded as forcing light upon darkness, whether it be in the form of evil, tyranny or ignorance. 

Most Hindu households often light a diya once every morning and in the evening. It’s not just a customary practice but signifies the submission of one’s soul to the supreme power. 

Oh bored of my Diya speech... let us read few tips while painting Diyas.

  • Get few variety od earthern diyas and soak in wtaer for few minutes (say 10)
  • Dry them in sun so that they become receptive to paint.
  • Choose any acrylic or fabric paints to paint Diyas.
  • Try out different combinatons as per the design of diya.
  • Dry them for 3-4 hours.Stick tiny mirrors, zari thread, small shells, sequins, beads or glitter on the diyas to pack a decorative punch.

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