Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Festival in Hyderabad

It has been definitely a while since my last post. I should keep up better but returned with a very good post on book exhibition that is going on , at Peoples Plaza, Necklace Road.

Reading is one of my good hobbies and passion towards reading books started from my childhood. Since my grand parents are teachers and mom being a teacher i have grown up with book racks surrounding me. I started with Chandamama, Balamithra, Balajyothi.. etc. Mom observed my interest towards the books and she surprised me with Misha books(erstwhile USSR child magazine) and Gokulam. There after book reading became one of my hobbies. I recollect reading a Misha book during my 7th final examinations without my parents knowledge by hiding near the corner of upstairs. My friends and neighbors used to make fun of me calling a bookworm. hmmm coming out of my childhood memories and to book exhibition....
My childhood favorite magazine(Courtesy:Google)
Hyderabad Book Fair is an annual event for the book lovers of Hyderabad. Publishers from all over India participate in the Fair.The 25th Hyderabad Book Fair is organized from 16th to 26th Dec 2010, at People’s Plaza Ground, Necklace Road. The fair is usually held around the same dates every year. This year the book fair is celebrating silver jubilee and promises special attractions. Book fairs are not only fun to visit for good book deals, they are also a place to discover new authors, books. This is a rare treat for those who enjoy and appreciate the marvels of the written word. You can watch a number of good novels, children comics and books from anatomy to astronomy.Special discounts were offered on specific books. Autobiographies of great icons like Gandhi,Nehru,Nelson Mandela,Hitler(Mein Kamph) are available at each and every shop. A good collection of books on Auyerveda, Cooking tips from famous cooks, dairies,calenders,panchangams .. are also available. There is a special shop for Ram Gopal Varma's book "NAA ISTAM". Sri got one book of RGV. The books written by contemporary authors like Chetan Bhagat, Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Nasreen are also available. Its a very big festival for all book worms of the city.
Bundle of books bought by chinna and me
Don’t you hate it when you miss a book fair just because you didn’t know when it came to town—and left? Come on hurry up and grab handful of your favorite books.

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