Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This week has been cold and freezing .It was foggy ,drizzling and raining.Today it was difficult to open the door because of chillness... hmmm. but have to count one more day.Though it is bit lazy to get up early in the morning in such a climate but the thought of going around the lawn with a cup of hot coffee , watching the scenic view of fog around the hills ,along with the birds chirps gives me fresh energy to start daily chores. 

In this climate my rose plant bloomed a beautiful rose.Voila! the rose is such that i am unable to alter my looks from it. I can see it while I'm at the kitchen sink. I have such a dilemma.,should I cut it and bring inside to enjoy or leave it on the bush where it will last longer and I can enjoy them from the kitchen window? How many blooms will there be? Enough to cut and leave on the bush? I look through the bush and see there are more buds starting to form.

The whole capital is blanketed in dense fog. Winter or Shishir in Hyderabad is from November to February. Winter season doesn't make the climate chilly like the northern part of India. But this year in Hyderabad its very cold.The mercury has dropped sharply under the influence of the low pressure villain in Bay of Bengal. Till now this villain is not yet named. Now a days the cyclones are given nomen clatures. The depression has also resulted in sporadic showers in several parts of twin cities on Tuesday.Its horrible esp while returning home from office.And its time to pull out my winter wardrobe!

I advise one and all to take precautionary measures to avoid getting infected with winter-related ailments.

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