Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please feed grains and water birds in summer

Mercury is soaring up day by day.While we have the luxury of eating cucumbers, watermelons, ice creams and liquids to beat the sweltering heat, our feathered friends across the city are reeling under adverse effects of  the summer. Even as the mercury soars to forty degree Celsius, water is difficult for them to find. As a result, many of them die during this season.It is quite difficult for birds to find water in the concrete jungle.

Summers are here and so it the scarcity of water. We Humans can ask for water but what about Animals and Birds? They cannot. They can only rely on our pity to serve them water.

Pledge Water for Birds and Animals this Summer!!

Buy clay bowls around 3-4 inches deep should be 35-40Rs. each. Clay bowls are better than plastic or metal bowls because the water stays very cool even when temperature is touching 40-42 degrees Celsius. 

I brought such bowls and I place them daily in some corner. A flock of pigeons reside near by my home.So I thought of feeding them with food and water.I place the bowls in some corner of my home but for few days they did not noticed.Later I moved the bowls to the place where they daily sits.


One pigeon came and saw the grains and water but it did not even touched them suspecting.After almost 10-15 minutes it started picking the grains and drank the water.Later one more pigeon accompanied it.




Next morning I could see a flock of pigeons eating the grains.But as soon as I went to put water they all flew away suspecting me :(. The next day I could see all the grains are eaten by them.. and so daily I am feeding them grains and water.But they did not give me a chance to take the picture of their entire group.

Now a days I can see some other birds like crows,mynah are also eating the food and  I am so happy.


Please place some water and food to feed the birds in summer.

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