Friday, June 3, 2011

"Rain rain, dont go away!!"

It was five in the evening and the drizzling outside is not allowing me to work.After all today is friday but ,the dusk of the day rejuvenates me with more energy thinking of the week end.That too the drizzling dusk.I can see drops of water falling from the sky like marbles dropped from atop of building from my window.I started winding up my work quickly to enjoy getting drenched in the rain.

I came out of office and the 100 meters walk to Mindspace to reach Sri was turning out to be really pleasant.It had been long time I would dance and jump with glee ,splash through small puddles in the road.I opened the car window ,turning my face to the heavens ,enjoying the shower ,spreading my hands ,trying to soak it all in, with the cool breeze enveloping me.The earthy smell is not diverting my concentration on to the choas of the street during rain .

After all its beginning of the month June the city has got the shower of the monsoon-blues. Yes! In a way I’m still so much hooked with this short and sweet series of moments and memories of the monsoon. Rain Rain dot go away!!!

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