Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where has the chirpy sparrow gone?

Y'day when i was traveling to one of my friend's place i got a chance to see a sparrow. I felt surprised and excited by seeing the small creature.Yes the most widely distributed chunky bird with its chirping call became a museum piece today.
Sparrow toy which i brought from some exhibition
My childhood comprises of a bunch of sparrow nothings..I used to wake up with their chirps which have their nests next to my bedroom window.During construction of house, my grand parents had deliberately made some holes on the walls for birds to occupy. Four such holes are there. In the beginning all were occupied by sparrows but no sooner one squirrel comforted on the top most 2 holes and laid its babies. Only the two lower nests were occupied by sparrows.It is such a beautiful experience to see the sparrow couple hatch new ones and teach them fly. Babies keep growing and fly out of their nest constantly.They used to pick the grains winnowed by mom.Sparrows are not very much braved when compared to other birds like pigeons and parrots.If they are suspicious of our presence they wont even fly down to pick the grains. The sparrow family in my house thrived for a number of years. But dont know the reason why they left the house and town.

Population of house sparrows is fast declining due to dangers posed to their survival by a host of factors including mobile phone towers.Many reasons could be cited for the situation like Widespread use of garden pesticides, which kills insects that are vital diet of new-born sparrows, disappearance of open grass lands, rising temperature and avian-unfriendly modern architecture had also grievously harmed the sparrows. Sparrows will remain only in text books for future generations.It they go extinct then the aftermath will be devastating.Birds play an important role in helping pollination.If they start becoming extinct at this rate,we better start worrying for our ecological balance.

When did you last spot a house sparrow in your house or nearby surroundings? Chances are, quite a while ago!!!! Let us makes sense to look for solution like hanging a nest box as a playing host to a sparrow. I am interested to hang such boxes.If any one had come across these kind of boxes in Hyderabad ,kindly keep me posted. Suggestions are welcome.

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